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American Hope Petroleum & Energy Corp.

AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES is an integrated energy company operating at every stage of the energy value chain, with more than 400 employees and strategic partners. Transport and sale of crude oil derivatives, petrochemicals, gas, solar, wind and renewable energy equipments are the principal activities of APHE. Future endeavors will include petroleum and natural gas exploration, production, refining activities and bespoke construction of solar energy panels and wind energy equipments.

AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES OF NIGERIA is one of largest private industrial groups in terms of turnover, and has been in the market for more than 8 years prior to overseas incorporation. Thanks to its flexibility and ability to adapt, AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES has become a benchmark company in the global energy sector. Through progressive internationalization of its activities, AHPE sells its products all over the world and also has business interests in Angola, Cameroon, Zambia,Togo, Brazil, Canada, Benin, Spain, Ghana, United States, United Kingdom, China and the Netherlands’. Read more