Maintaining Accreditation Status

imageApproval Processes

In accordance with AHPEAT standards and policies, member companies and organizations must seek and obtain AHPEAT approval for significant changes in its operations.

To assist and guide companies, an overview of the approval process for the changes are provided on request, including the application process, the timeframes for submission, and pertinent policies, applications, and fees.

If you have any questions about these processes, please don’t hesitate to contact AHPEAT member of staff.

Application Process

Final Approval

Pertinent Documents

Annual Reporting

Accredited member companies and organizations are required to annual report to AHPEAT to maintain accreditation outside of the reaccreditation visit.

The following list of mandated reporting requirements will be provided as a quick reference guide/reminder to assist member companies and organizations in complying with AHPEAT standards and policies.

Please note that failure to provide required reporting may result in late fees, a show cause directive, and/or withdrawal of accreditation.