Global Issues

At American Hope Petroleum & Energy, our business is harvesting energy sources from our planet. The core source of our supply is the very earth upon which we live and the issue of sustainability is always a topic of importance in our company’s operations.

It is part of our global responsibility to incorporate sustainability plans into our business ventures to ensure long-term viability for our energy sources.

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    Energy Supply and Demand
    American Hope Petroleum & Energy invests in research, development and innovative business practices to promote clean energy resources. Even as the world population grows, we believe that by preserving our resources, our company can continually meet dynamic energy needs.
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    Climate Change
    As we benefit from the bounty of nature, resources can eventually deplete. We must address climate change and do what our industry can to halt destruction and embrace businesses practices that stall or even reverse damaging effects.
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    We are all considered stewards of the earth and we are all responsible for protecting the environment in every way that we can. As a large company, American Hope Petroleum & Energy can make a bigger impact on environment protection.
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    Human Rights
    We value human life and will remain advocates for the wellbeing of the community. Our business operations center on preserving residential communities and conducting our operations in areas where we make minimal intrusion in indigenous districts.