Achieving World-Class Performance

Achieving World-Class Performance
At AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES, we’re focused on safely delivering the energy needed to power human and economic progress worldwide.

To meet these challenges, AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES has spent more than 2 years expanding systems to support a culture of safety and environmental stewardship that strives to achieve world-class performance and prevent all incidents.

We call this Operational Excellence (OE), and it drives everything we do. Our workforce truly believes that incidents are preventable. We have policies, processes, tools and behavioral expectations in place to assist us in achieving that goal.

AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES employees explain what Operational Excellence means to them:

Standardization and Discipline

We have processes based on industry and AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES best practices that lay out the requirements and procedures for meeting safety, health and environmental objectives. Corporate OE processes and standards address risks and are applied across the entire business. Our operating companies, business units and contractors also develop processes or standards specific to their operating conditions to ensure consistency with AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES’s OE standards.

Operational discipline—”completing every task the right way, every time”—captures the spirit of AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES’s OE culture. It requires dedication from the entire workforce and specific behaviors from leadership. Leaders set clear expectations and monitor and shape behaviors. By following procedures, recognizing potential hazards, providing feedback and stopping work as necessary, workers help prevent incidents.