Merits Accreditation


The AHPEAT accreditation process represents both an organizational commitment to and a strategic plan for Quality and Trustworthiness. This evaluation process serves to keep business and companies in Nigeria Oil and Gas industry current and accountable.


AHPEAT accredited companies are able to do business with companies worldwide that can easily verify its credentials on our platform.
Accreditation is a recognized status that permits your company to engage in trusted and verifiable transactions with reputable companies worldwide.

Government Transactions

AHPEAT accreditation help companies seek and broker contracts with government agencies and private businesses, which often require accreditation as a condition to do business in Nigeria.

Listing in our Directories of Accredited Nigerian Business

AHPEAT and its accredited companies are widely utilized by government agencies and corporations for identifying credible organizations that are trustworthy, honest with transparency and integrity.

Corporations and Private businesses.

AHPEAT accredited organizations are able to offer genuine products including and not limited to SPA’s, which attests to a definitive and substantive evaluation of a trusted name and sound operational capabilities of a reputable company/ Nigerian business that is able to deliver on its promises.