Board of Directors

Daniel Jolly

Mr. Daniel Jolly Member of the Advisory Ccommittee

Daniel is an accomplished, seasoned Senior Executive with a consistent track record of delivering profitable, sustainable growth within a range of environments in the UK and internationally, especially within the Middle East/Africa and Asia.

FPEGC is a UK based trading house, specializing in Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics and Consultancy Services to a wide range of industries including; oil& gas; automotive; Aid & Development; Defence & Security.

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FPEGC serve a large portfolio of prestigious clients, including police, fire and ambulance services, many UK government departments including the Ministry of Defence, major multinationals such as Babcock, Shell and Airbus, a wide range of Humanitarian Aid organs and missions, non government organizations and some high profile export customers. Daniel was instrumental in gaining FPEGC approved supplier status to the United Nations. Daniel has served as a member of the board in various companies in the Middle East and was selected to serve as Chair of the Nissan Middle East Committee for a two year period representing and lobbying Nissan Japan on behalf of the Nissan Middle East importers. Daniel’s diplomatic skills are well suited to Board level and Operational level discussions. Daniel has travelled the world negotiating sales, purchasing and supply contracts with global companies and his technical, commercial and market knowledge combined with his core beliefs of honesty , integrity and trust have delivered a long list of mutually beneficial relationships with major corporate companies.

Daniel has a breadth of knowledge and experience working at Senior Director level in multicultural environments in developing markets across the Middle East, Asia and Africa, representing a broad company portfolio including Volvo, Nissan, Toyota, Daimler Chrysler,Tata and Yamaha.

Daniel is particularly strong in delivering results in developing market environments and in managing businesses in a multi-cultural environment whilst always demonstrating the highest standards of business ethics and personal integrity.

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Mr. Nick Wilton

Nick Wilton is a senior Vice President at AHPE Global Resources LTD European Operations, Nick has an in-depth of experience spanning oil & gas (both upstream, downstream and trading), automotive, nuclear engineering, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, consultancy and government.

Nick has also extensive experience of working with and within the British government, UN and EU organs and missions and a wide range of NGOs and donors.

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Nick has lived and worked around he world and is particularly familiar with the specific challenges and opportunities offered within the Middle East, African and Asian markets as well as the countries which formally comprised the Soviet Union.

Nick has a degree in engineering and an MBA and numerous post graduate qualifications so is equipped with both technical and commercial skills. Earlier in his life Nick served as a British Army officer.

Nick Co-founded the Flying Penguin Enterprises Group of Companies (FPEGC) in 2008, with Dan Jolly, and has worked with Dan, and more recently with the help, guidance and leadership of Chairman. Professor Wilson Onyeani, to position FPEGC as a successful trading house. Today FPEGC has interests in oil & gas, automotive, distribution and logistics.

FPEGC boasts a contact network disproportionate to its size, spanning Defence & Security, Aid & Development, UK government at all levels as well as EU and UN organs, NGOs and major corporates.

Nick works closely with the rest of the FPEGC senior management team to develop and execute the Group’s strategies with emphasis on realizing the key objectives.

Nick’s approach to business reflects a rigorous commitment to quality, engineering and project management best practice but also an unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity and transparency: value FPEGC see as cornerstones of all long-term business partnerships.

Nick reflects the Group’s commitment to be a serious, credible and effective partner to all its partners, whether suppliers, customers, governments, regulators, financiers, facilitators or other key stakeholders.

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Dr. Edward Ilechukwu, Ph.D., D. Min is a nonprofit executive , founder, and currently holds the position of President and CEO of Global Initiative for the education and literacy of African Girls Inc. (GIFTED), a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization headquartered in New York City. He joined AHPE Global Resources LTD as Executive Vice President, American Operations, in 2017.

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As a nonprofit executive, Dr Ilechukwu started GIFTED as an international platform that helps fund the building of schools, institutions of learning that will offer FREE EDUCATION to African girls who have been displaced from their schools due to terrorist activities, who have a strong passion for education, but are scared of being kidnapped, sold, humiliated, maimed, or even lose their lives for choosing to go to school. Since 2010, Boko Haram has targeted schools, killing hundreds of students. He is also in charge and oversee both the construction and operations of the schools in Africa, and as the Founder and Chief Executive officer, he will pilot the affairs of fund raising and everything the organization needs to succeed.

Dr. Edward Ilechukwu is also currently the under-secretary general [Member Services] of the AFRICAN UNIVERSITIES FUND, Inc. USA; a zero corruption, tax-deductible, non-profit platform for individual donors and, USA corporations to offer financial and in-kind support/gifts to public universities in Africa.

Dr. Edward comes with a lot of management experience with corporate America, having worked as a licensed Wall Street Banker with JP Morgan Chase in New York, Manager of Operations at the Empire State Building in New York, and other highly recognized corporate organizations both in the United States and Africa, and in the telecommunications industry both here in the United States and West Africa. He was recently honored in New York with a doctorate degree (PhD) for his non-profit work around the world.

Dr. Edward Ilechukwu comes from a family of academicians, his late father who attended the prestigious University of Cambridge England, and a distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology, and his mother a Professor of English. Dr. Edward Ilechukwu also has a very strong banking and Finance background both here in the United States and Africa.

In the Oil and Gas sector, Dr Ilechukwu has been involved in the oil, gas and energy sector for over 10 years and working with various oil and gas companies and now AHPE, he has been able to establish a far-reaching relationship with numerous oil and gas executives that spans from the Americas, to Europe, Asia, far east and recently the middle east. He comes with a lot of experience n the sector especially in brokering oil and gas transactions between buyers and Sellers of Crude Oil.

As a civil rights leader, Dr. Ilechukwu has also been involved in Civil Rights having worked with the department of international affairs and public relations of The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), a non-profit organization in New York City. As a project coordinator at CORE, he piloted and directed a medical project on cardiovascular diseases with the Cabrini Medical Center, in New York City, and served in his undergraduate days as the Education task force Secretary of the National student’s body, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) in Nigeria, West Africa.

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Engr. Emmanuel Anosike


Engineer Emmanuel C. Anosike is a founding member of AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD. He is currently the Executive Director of “Global Inter-governmental Affairs” since 2014 and is also a Managing Director of Olympic Refinery and Petrochemical Resources Ltd and has years of experience of the energy sector including extensive experience in negotiating sales, purchasing agreements, refining, business development, construction, procurement, production, exploration, and a range of managerial roles.

Engineer Anosike has served as a Director at NYC Department of Small Business Services for Procurement Technical Assistance, Director for Procurement Technology, Director for Bonding and Technical Assistance Program and Director for Bid Match Systems and assisted the Deputy Director for the Division of Economic Opportunity.

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Engineer Anosike has a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston, a BSc from Thomas Edison College and a Masters in Environmental Sciences. He attended Omini Drilling School and worked as a Mud Engineer with CRAWL Water Well Drilling & Supply and used this knowledge to advise prospective investors on technical matters.

Engineer Anosike also served as Senior Vice President, Imperial Refinery & Petrochemical Inc, New York where he developed the preliminary investment and support packing considerations for the refinery and provided the basic design, concept selection and economic feasibility assessment for the construction of the Imperial Refinery. He also drafted the Health & Safety and Environmental Guidelines for Imperial Refinery.

Engineer Anosike is Vice President of Horton Processing Engineering Inc which conducts feasibility studies and basic process design and conceptual design cost estimates for business interest in building an oil refinery.

Engineer Anosike is President of Leaback International Ltd. Leaback identifies sources of finance for the funding of major infrastructure projects. Leaback also provides technical and analytical support to identify and address cross cutting program issues. Leaback also assists in the preparation of program related materials including research, technical writing, editing and provides data collection and assistance with analysis of key legislative, regulatory, budgetary issues that affect program / project in planning activities, value engineering, site development and risk analysis. Leaback uses these skills to advise prospective investors on technical matters.

Engineer Anosike is listed in WHO’S WHO in America for excellence in Business Development. Affiliations include Nigerian Chamber of International Trade & Commerce Inc where Engineer Anosike is President as well as memberships of the American Society of Engineers, American Institute of Technical Writers, American Consultants League and the National Association of Minority Contractors. Currently he is the President of Nigerian/ American Chamber of Commerce New York, USA Chapter.

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Stella Akinbode


Stella Akinbode is a UK trained Chartered Accountant, and was the pioneer Head of Finance and Accounts of Equatorial Trust Bank (now part of Sterling Bank). She played a significant role in various capacities (local and international banking operations), which took the bank to the top of the industry; before exiting the industry as an Assistant General Manager.In addition, she has vast experience (gained in other banks and industries) in audit, management, treasury operations, marketing and major investment in the Nigeria stock market.

She has been working to develop the African Oil and gas business for the last five years where she learned of the cultural differences between the African way of doing business and the United States cultures vs the rest of the world including China .Along the way he has also picked up the skills of international contracting and how to set up protocols that discern subtle differences in levels of integrity and how to protect the interests of both sides of a transaction a clear advantage from her background in Accounting.

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She is the Chief Financial Officer of AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES NIGERIA ,and Secretary of the company.
Her passion is adding value and delivering excellent results, training/motivation of team members for the best possible impact for growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Her strengths are integrity, resilience, commitment, innovation, effective communication, quality networking and being solution driven.

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A versatile and well experienced engineer in the oil and gas industry, joined AHPE in 2014 and With his exposures to exploration, engineering, refining, trading & logistics for upstream, midstream & downstream sectors, he brings a wealth of resources and experience to the team, With over 15 years experience, he has added value to several top notch IOC operations such as chevron, Hyundai heavy industries, southern gas constructors(KBR) in establishing world class assets.

He is a man of starling character with impeccable integrity Engr. Momoh is a devout Christian and God fearing manHe has an eye for discovering credible energy sources and with a vast network of traders and suppliers he can manage any supply project to the satisfaction of clients.

Mr. Aleem Sulaiman Olaitan


Elected to the International Advisory Board/Committee in 2018 as the Section Chief for West African liaison Operations and his company described below is a powerful global strategic partner to AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES.

He is an astute businessman with enormous wealth of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry for more than 10 years in the Industry within and without. He is also engaged in merchandising ventures with outlets in major cities in Nigeria.

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ALIMITY OBANISARE OIL AND GAS NIGERIA LIMITED is a strategic partner AHPE that deals with the following products, crude oil in Nigeria, BONNY LIGHT CRUDE OIL AND FOCADOS LIGHT CRUDE OIL.


They are committed to the clients satisfaction and appreciate all feedback. They have been able to flourish and grow in the West African Oil and gas industry hence the reason for the partnership.

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Barrister Idoko Stephen Eche


He joins AHPE Global Resources with over 13 years post-call experience in Law, sound knowledge in legal issues, an effective understanding of the legal dynamics of the Oil and Gas Industry and International Business, and an in-depth understanding of the Nigerian Legal System and Investment Law. He also possesses a rich background in EPC and EPCM, excellent knowledge of Risk Management and Corporate Compliance. He has contributed to national and intentional forums on Corporate Compliance Transparency, focused on anti-corruption. He is competent in community relations, corporate communications, and social responsibilities.With an effective working knowledge of Development Agencies and Non-Government Organizations, he possesses a high level of comfort with MS Office Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

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He is dedicated, self-motivated, a high achiever, an outstanding team-player, an excellent communicator, result-oriented, people-developer, problem-solver, and persuasive negotiator. Currently, he is an active member of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry and served as the Chairman Editorial Board of the Petroleum Down Stream Group.

Furthermore, he has served as the General Secretary of the association Modular Refineries of Nigeria and has led a team in processing the license of two major license holders’ i.e. Clairgold and RG shingin. Currently, he is interfacing with the Ministry of Petroleum and the DPR in the construction phase for the Clairgold Refinery.

He is very familiar with all relevant government departments and agencies, including the Presidency, Ministry of Petroleum, Environment, the CAC, the National Assembly, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, and affiliate Agencies and Corporations.

Previously, he has also interfaced with reputable international organizations, such as GIZ USAID, and DFID, mentioning a few in his research works.

He has also participated in a number of national and international research and interviews, including a baseline study on Energy efficiency in Nigeria, see: ( ) and National Discuss on solving Energy crises in Nigeria ( ). We are very proud to have him on board our team.

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Mr. Sam Adigun


Sam Adigun is a United Kingdom-trained Project Management Professional with over 10 years’ experience in contract management and transaction management in the oil and gas industry.

He is a man of great integrity and character. He joins AHPE as the official Mandate for all transactions within Nigeria. We are proud of him as our highly skilled negotiator.

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He also holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Jos in Nigeria with a background working experience in projects and governance with the British Council and joint collaboration with the World Bank and United Nations Development Program, where he managed high-impact Africa Development Projects, which raised the interest and exposure in economic growth and diversification of oil-producing African economics. He is an avid reader, an enthusiast of the Aviation Industry, Agriculture, Environment/ Landscape Architecture, and Speed Sports.

We believe his experience and political affiliations in Nigeria will take the company to a whole new height.

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Princess Jane Oduah-Akangson is a passionate Nigerian and entrepreneur with a deep sense of responsibility and a rare gift of creativity.

Her greatest drive and vision is to create a better life and environment for the great continent of Africa and to create platforms for a holistic rural African economic emancipation through an extensive African- wide Smart City Development, hi-tech agricultural revolution for hunger eradication in Africa, Global Infrastructural, and InformationTechnological Development synergies through Public and Private sectors partnerships.

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Princess, as she is fondly called by friends and partners, is a true Amazon, blessed with a rare innovative and entrepreneurial talent and an uncommon strategic thinker.

Princess Jane was born on the 8th of May 1969 to the Royal family of Igwe Chief John Denis Oduah, of Akili Ozizor in Onitsha South Local Government of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Princess holds a Master Degree in International Management (Oil and Gas) from the prestigious University of Liverpool and has attended various leadership and advanced management executive programs at various business schools, namely: the Said Oxford Business School in England, the Harvard Business School in the USA, the Wits Business School of South Africa, the IESE Business School of Spain, and currently preparing to start her Ph.D. research program on African Re-Urbanization/Environmental Sustainability at the Oxford University, UK.

Princess Jane’s over 20 years of work experience in the Nigeria Oil and Gas industry is indeed a remarkable feat amongst her numerous lifetime achievements at Sea Petroleum and Gas Company and in the Oil and Gas industry as a whole.

While at Sea Petroleum, she was responsible for the strategic business direction of the group until 2013. The time when she honorably took a bow in response to a higher calling from God to set up 3K Synergy Ltd as a vehicle to engage in global Engineering, Architectural, Construction, and Financial partnerships. She pioneered a subtle economic revolution for a true structural re-urbanization of African key cities for her holistic economic revival and restoration.

Princess Jane rose to the rank of Senior Vice President at Sea Petroleum for several years having risen in ranks within the period of 22 years of successful career in the company.

She was responsible for a year to year business success of the company in addition to setting up the following company subsidiaries, some of which are still existing as viable individual corporations to date. They include:

  • Successful development of several of gas stations nationwide;
  • Ownership of 3 Tank Farms depots; and,
  • Providing fuel support services and allied supplies to multinational oil exploration companies in Nigeria.

Other achievements include setting up of:

  1. Sea Shipping Limited, renowned international ship ownership, and management company.
  2. INTRALOG – The International Trading and Logistics company Limited: a company that focuses on foreign technical manufacturers representation, with a modern workshop in Port Harcourt.
  3. Sea Bunkering Limited – Ship Fueling Services in the West African coastal waters.
  4. Tour Afrique Travels and Tours Limited – an integrated Ticketing and Travel logistics company.
  5. Lords Engineering Limited – an Engineering Assets and Facilities Design and Construction Company.

Princess Jane now devotes her time to developing business platforms for Pan-African economic empowerment through building learning forums and academies, developing global partnerships for African businesses through seminars, and redesigning the landscapes of future African epicenters and green living estate.

Few of the companies recently founded by The Princess includes:

  1. Ibom Downtown Towers and Lakeview Villas Business Resort – a proposed Green Smart Business Resort and unique future business cities masterplan designers and developers, a brainchild of 3K Synergy LTD.
  2. 3K Synergy Limited – a company that specializes in engineering project design, construction consultants for Oil and Gas projects, such as Modular Refineries and CNG and Energy Power Plants.
  3. GBHR Limited: Global Brand and Human Resource Development (GBHR) has now emerged as the African grown global player in organizing world-class business events and forums, such as the African Modular Refinery Seminar 2016 and the proposed Modular Refiners Round Table Discussion Forum 2017, featuring Chemex LLC USA.

GBHR is currently developing quality partnerships in the agribiz world and have recently set up the Executive Farming Academy International Limited (Efarmers Academy), which is intended to become an African agribiz center of excellence and a credible business partnership platform for revolutionizing modern farming methods and various innovative agribiz technological breakthroughs towards recruiting 50,000 executive farmers in every African urban and rural communities in Nigeria and Africa every year.

This God-given vision and mission are geared towards making hunger a history in Nigeria and Africa and towards re-positioning the continent as an Agribiz HUB and future Agribiz global leader for her overall greater economic growth, development, and fight against hunger in Africa.


  1. 1997/2014 (Annual T/O=$50 m (Rose from Marketing Sales Officer to Senior Vice President (Sea Petroleum and Gas Ltd, with offices in Abuja, Lagos, Warri, P/Harcourt)
  2. 2001/2 N69 Million Concept/Design/Supply of SPG Tank-farm at Apapa-Lagos/Onne- Rivers State and Calabar Cross Rivers State Nigeria.
  3. 2002 $4Million Sourcing/Purchase/Coord. The purchase of 3000MT Oil Tanker for Deliveries to Chevron Nigeria.
  4. 2003/£850,000.00 Purchase/Fitting of 4 BDR Penthouse Apt. at Edgeware Road.W1 London/UK.
  5. 2005 £650,000.00 Purchase/Fitting of 3BDR Duplex Apt. at Canary Wharf E16 London/UK.
  6. 2006 N1.5 Billion Concept/Design of SPG Office Complex Argungi/Lekki Exp. Rd Lag/ Nigeria.
  7. 2007 N50MILLION Concept/Design of ‘The White House’ at Ogbaru Anambra State/Nigeria.
  8. 2008 N35Million Concept/ Design/Supply of SPG Gas Station at Jakande R/About.
  9. 2012/13 $500Million Concept/Design of NAMA Learning Center Federal Ministry of Aviation Nigeria.
  10. 2015. $550000.00 Purchase/Remodeling of 3BDR House Katy Houston Texas USA.
  11. 2015. $450,000.00.Purchase/Remodeling of 5BDR House Townelake Houston Texas USA.
  12. 2016. $340,000.00.Purchase/Remodeling of 4BDR House Energy Corridor Houston Texas USA.
  13. 2016/18 $2.8B Concept/Design/Coordination of The Downtown Towers Bus Resort/AKSG.
  14. 2016/18 $3.5B Concept/Design/Coord. of Mran/Petrocross Fuel Hub Refineries Project/For CRSG
    (5 modular Refineries/Gas Processing Plant/Mega Gas Stations).
  15. 2017/18 $25 Million Concept/Design/Cood. of Efarmers Academy Rent to own Greenhouse
    Project for Schools/Malls/Hotels/Restaurants, African Rural Comm. Empowerment Prog.
  16. 2017/18 $25 Million Concept/Design/Cood. for Ibom Smart Farm Agrobiz Resort with AKSG Min Of Agriculture and Food Sust. on 76 Hectares Land at Uruan Comm. Uyo. Akwa Ibom State.
  17. 2017/2018 $278 Million Concept/Design Supply of 30,000bpd Refinery for Quail Petroleum Uyo.
  18. 2017/2018 $78 Million Concept/Design/Cood. of 3x3000bpd Refinery in Delta State for Erowton Refinery Project.
  19. 2017/2018 $3.5 Billion Concept/Design:Coord. of 50,000ha IBOM 7-Stars Island Coastal City with FTZ, Port Terminal, to be located in the State.

Princess Jane is married to Dr. Uwem Akangson and blessed with 3 lovely sons. She looks forward to working with very passionate and credible companies and individuals who share same work discipline, attention to standards, details and deep focus in serving humanity through engaging in socially responsible business ethics, best practices, and service excellence for superior performance.

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Born in the Home Town of Ogui Urban, Enugu, Nigeria In 1957 and hails from Enugu North Local Government attended, St. Luke’s Anglican Primary School, Ogui Urban, College of the Immaculate Conception (C.I.C.), Enugu, 1972-1976, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) 1977-82, School of Postgraduate Studies, ESUT, Enugu 1991-94College for Legal Studies, Yola/UNIJOS CommonLaw Dept 2002/2003, 2007/2008 respectively, Administrative Staff College of Nigeria(ASCON), Badagry, Lagos, 28 Feb – 6 Dec 2011.

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His Qualifications includes B. Engr (Hons) Electrical/Electronics, Diploma in Computer Programming & Data Processing, M.Eng in Computer Systems Engineering, Diploma in Common Law, Advanced Diploma in Public Administration, He distinguished.

MILITARY RECORDS includes Corps Served. Nigerian Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (NAEME), Service Period. 5 April-31 Dec 2011 (30years), Military Courses Attended, Basic Infantry Course (DSSC /11) at Infantry Centre and School, Jaji, Aug-Dec 1983, Young Officers Course (YOC/5) at the Nigerian Army School of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (NASEME), Auchi, Aug-Dec 1985, Operation and Maintenance of 35mm Sky Guard Air Defense Systems, at CONTRAVES AG, Zurich, Switzerland, Feb-Oct 1986, Company Commanders Course (EMECCC/9), at NASEME, Auchi, Jan-Jun 1991, Field Workshop Commanders Course (EME FWC/2), at NASEME, Auchi, Oct-Dec, 2000, Administrative Staff College of Nigeria ASCON, Badagry, Lagos, 28 Feb – 6 Dec 2011.

Other Postings And Appointments History:-Platoon Commander 950 Division Workshop, Enugu 1982-84, Company Commander/2ic 932 Brigade Workshop, Maiduguri., 1984-86, Battery Commander (BC) 351 Artillery Regiment, Ohafia Abia State from 1986-88, Project Officer II Electrical/Training Officer Nigerian, central Army workshop kaduna, 1988-91, Senior Instructor (SI) Gun Control, Instruments and Office, Equipment Wing, NASEME, Auchi 1991-92, Student/Instructor List (Enugu State University of Science & Technology 1992-96, Production Officer 930 Division Workshop, 1996-99, SI Management, Management, Industrial Engineering & Basic Wing, NASEME, Sep-Dec 1999 Acting Chief Instructor (AG CI) Management, Industrial Engineering & Basic Wing, NASEME, Dec 1999- Dec 2000, Management, Management Industrial Engineering & Basic Wing, NASEME, Dec 2000-Feb 2002, Commanding Officer (CO) 933 Brigade Workshop, Deputy Director Technical Group Electrical & Mechanical, Engineers, Yaba, Lagos 2004, Deputy Director Technical, Army Headquarters, Dept of Army Standards and Evaluation (AHQ DASE), Abuja Sep 2004 – Jul 2007, Commander 93 Division Equipment Support, Headquarters, 3 Division, Nigerian Army, Jos. Jul 2007 – Jan 2009, Commander Nigerian Army Central Workshop, Kaduna. Jan 2009- Feb 27, 2011, SI List Administrative Staff College of Nigeria, (ASCON), Badagry, Lagos, 28 Feb 2011- 4 Dec 2011.

Promotion History, On commissioning as officer 2nd Lieutenant 5Apr 1981rose through the years and decades to Brigadier General in October 2008, with the following distinguished Service Medal Awards., Forces service star (FSS), Meritorious service star (MSS), Distinguished service star (DSS). He has Membership Of Professional Bodies. Associate member Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), London, Member Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Member The International Society of Logistics, USA, Languages Spoken includes, Igbo, English , French.
We have grown from strength to strength since he came on board in 2013, it’s been an absolute Joy working with Gen.Abel C Ani. (Rtd)

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Rev. IME Akpan


It is a Talented entrepreneur par excellence. Prior to joining AHPE in2019 as GM and Director Far EST Operations. He was and still is the Chief Executive Officer of Priflan Limited, a Preform manufacturing and Consultancy outfit in Nigeria. He is proficient in international trading especially importing of different types of machinery and other domestic products for all clients.

He became the pioneer General Manager of Egi Blown.

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Film Factory, a manufacturing Company in Nigeria between 2011 -2014; He currently Represents Nigeria in lots of Multi-national trading companies negotiations in Asia.

He joined IEI.P.C Ltd. as the General Manager (Oil and Gas Division ) in 2017.He is a “Man of God” called to ministry preaching the Good-news to all nations for over thirty years till this day.
Mr. Ime is the President of Increasing Outreach Ministries, an Outreach Ministry with the mandate of bringing the total gospel to man as a whole . He is also the President of two Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): Crown Prince Charity Foundation and Ime Akpan Foundation both vested with the responsibilities of reaching out to the orphans, widows and the indigents in the society with basic human needs and empowering the less privileged with skills. These NGOs have been in operation for over 9 years.
His negotiating skills are second to non ,aggressive yet genuine and gentle We are proud to have him join our team, He is a man of action little words.

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Professor Godknows

Professor Godknows F. Itamunuoala BSc, MSc, Ph.D Regional Director Canadian & Global Operations

Prof Godknows F. Itamunuoala joined AHPE in 2019 as the Regional Director of Canadian Operations.
A well qualified and experienced Chemical engineer with over twenty-five years of professional experience in study and design of waste management systems principally in the fields of soil, groundwater, rivers, coastal, ocean and waterways engineering

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He is also an Internationally recognized expert in waste management and treatment processes, risk assessment, risk management. Author & Co-author of over 600 reports to governments and various industries.

He is an outstanding man with Specialist understanding of application and development of computer and physical models to solve environmental problems and design of maritime works.
His Ph.D. Research work focused on Biochemical Engineering with numerical modeling with particular application to mass transfer processes in biological systems

His education includes but not limited to B.Sc (Hons) Biochemistry, Kings College, University of London, England, 1982, M.Sc (Chemical Engineering), University of Manchester Institute of Science & Engineering, England 1983., Ph.D. (Bio-Chemical Engineering), University of Manchester Institute of Science & Engineering, England 1985

AHPE is very honored to welcome him on board our Great team of professionals.

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Augustine Ikemefula


A very dedicated businessman with a clear focus on achieving goals that better humanity, he is a very accomplished professional with vast experience in oil and gas A Very brilliant Architect with a passion for quality and style, Arch. Augustine Ikemefula (Ikem.) Alaka was born in the town of Ihiala in the present-day Anambra State of Nigeria. He obtained his B.S. Certificate in Architecture in May of 1987 from the City College of the City University of New York. He is happily married to his one and only Love, Mrs. Uzoamaka Alice Alaka for over 46 Years. Mrs. Alaka retired after 30 Years of teaching within the New York City Education System.

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Under the employment of a major New York City architectural firm, William Nicholas Bodouva, and Associates at Eleven Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, New York 10001. Arch. Augustine Alaka with other Architects designed the British Airways Terminal at JFK Airport 1988 and supervised its construction. Arch. Alaka, working with other Architects, designed the Renovation of the 34th Street and 7th Avenue New York City Train Transit Terminal. As a junior Architect of the Firm, Arch. Alaka was trained in the manual Design of aircraft Parking and worked in the redesigning of many other Airlines’ parking Terminals at the JFK Airport during the 1988/1990 Years.

In late 1990, Arch. Alaka joined another New York City architectural Firm of Misra Associates with offices at 135th 5th Avenue, New York, New York 10010. Working for this Firm, Arch. Alaka worked n the Design of one of the Kitchens/Cafeterias built at the Rikers Island Prisons at 15-15 Hazen Street, East Elmhurst, New York City 11370.

Subsequently, Arch. Augustine Ikem. Alaka promoted a made in the United States’ cosmetics Product Line under the brand Name of Erika II Cosmetics, in collaboration with Alaka Construction and Supply Co. Nig. Ltd. during the 4th Enugu International Trade Fair of 25th March through April 5th, 1993. Arch. Alaka was awarded the best Foreign Stand and was awarded the first Prize by the then Enugu State Governor, Okwesilieze Nwodo, which was carried by the STAR News Paper of Sunday, April 18th, 1993 and TV News from March 25th through April 5th, 1993.

Arc. Alaka’s Company, Alaka Construction, and Supply Co. Nig. Ltd. was awarded a Two million US Dollar [2,000,000.00] Contract by the Enugu State’s Sunrise Flour Mills Ltd., Emene, Enugu-Nigeria in 1993 for the supply of American produced Wheat for production of Wheat Flour by Sunrise Flour Mill Ltd.

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Board of Directors


Joined AHPE in 2020 as the head of governmental affairs and Advocacy division of AHPE He works to influence legislation on the federal, state, or local level on behalf of our clients and other Nonprofit organizations, labor unions, trade associations, corporations, and other groups and individuals affiliated to AHPE. He voices concerns and opinions to government representatives on behalf of our corporation and uses his sound knowledge of the legislative process and government contacts to represent our interests. Though based in Nigeria, he works throughout the globe representing our issues in and outside African-governments through well established relations managers, and legislative associates.

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He has a vast experience in the maritime industry, vessel charetiring, petroleum product and commodity trading with hands experience in hostel construction for higher institutions on partnership with a current project of 1,000 beded hostel for The Federal University of Petroleum Resource.

He is Married, his educational qualifications include but not limited to Baccalaureate in Applied Chemistry & a master’s degree in Process Chemistry with the Membership of Raw Material Society of Nigeria. His primary research areas include: Modeling and Design of Heat Reactor, Synthesis of metallic soaps Synthesis of water soluble cellular derivatives, his working experience is vast ,he has held various senior positions prior to his appointment at AHPE , he was Director: Shoreline Development International LIMITED, Verd Regina Services LIMITED , Modular Construction LTD., Lineshore Projects LTD (Cyprus) :Vinola Trading (Ghana) LTD. He enjoys Traveling, Reading & Music.

We are proud to welcome Mr. Oppah Patrick as a Member of the board of Directors here at AHPE.

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She is a highly motivated individual whose achievements speaks for themselves ,she joined AHPE in 2020 during a very challenging period in the face of a global pandemic and dived straight into the deep end of the public affairs of the company where she proved herself as a valuable member of the team,her dream is to work as part of a team of highly motivated and result oriented personnel in a dynamic and competitive industrial environment, to contribute positively to result achievement and to develop self as highly resourceful personnel with intrinsic capability to meet firm specific requirement.

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Her experience includes but not limited to MAKWANDE ENERGY TRADING (PTY) LIMITED as COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE where she represented the company before The NNPC and all other relevant authorities, Submit the monthly allocation letter to NNPC, worked with the company on import and export of crude oil and refined product, attend various meetings with various authorities on behave of the company, worked on behave of the company to meet up the technical and financial bidding for crude Oil allocation.From 2015 – 2017 she also worked for GREEN ENERGY OIL AND GAS LIMITED as a COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE IN NIGERIA where she develop markets for the company’s growing oil and gas products ,then developed strategies for winning and retaining customers with focus on closing deal and negotiating with NNPC and other regulator in the sector, engaged in Proper planning, supervision, monitoring and coordinating of marketing team in achieving already set goals, helped maintain and develop robust relationship with the company’s existing and potential clients, handing of import and export arrangement by biding for allocation of BLCO and handling through-put agreement on behalf of the company, gave Regular and up to date report  to the Chairman/CEO about the challenges and suggested solutions.From 2007 – 2014. worked for Capital Express ASSURANCE Company as the BRANCH MANAGER BAYELSA STATE, NIGERIAwhere she was responsible for total branch performance in accordance with company policy and procedures. Create and execute the branch business plan. Ensure store profitability and manage and develop branch personnel. Plan Implement and personal growth while supporting company goals, missions and vision. Provide sound leadership for the branch. Her role included giving lecture to clients on group life, Handling medical under writing, Liaison with clients and giving technical advice, Working with other team members, consultants, key customers, and key suppliers to solve specific challenges and leverage growth opportunities,Stay abreast of competing markets, development, building etc. In the community and surrounding areas. Contact contractors/developers etc in pursuit of business, Maintain contact and friendly relationship with customers and suppliers, building a favourable company image. Resolve problems band complaints as they arise,Direct and coordinate counter and outside sales efforts. Assist in account development,Direct sales program to develop new markets markets joint calls with salesmen as needed. Coordinate counter maintenance, merchandising and promotional activity, Set branch pricing and direct quotation activities, Manage freight expense, customers’ discounts, and pricing to maintain profit levels, Successful resolve customer issues timely and professional activity, Maintain positive attitude towards customers’ associates by being friendly and courteous. Provide customer assistance as needed. This will include over the counter,over the phone, etc.

Continuously update product knowledge. Stay informed and educated as to product inventory and applicability . understanding product applications. prior to that appointment she severed that company from 2004 – 2007. as  a SENIOR Executive/Supervisor did the Under writing of life and non life businesses, Marketing of life and non life business, Attending life officers committee meetings, Preparing seminars’ notes.She also did her NYSC from late 2002 to early 2004 at the All States Trust Bank where she did Under writing of all insurance business both life and non life.

Here career in Oil and Gas Stems from 1998 where she worked in the prestigious DEPARTMENT OF RESOURCE (PPMC) as an INDUSTRIAL ATTACHEÈ, Monitoring of effluent water in SPDC flow stations and terminal, participants at various joint investigation visit, Environmental impact assessment and preparation of reports on cases of oil spill, oil spill contingency/facility inspection and other oil related environmental /safety matters.

Her education includes but not limited to certifications in Computer Sciences , and  Rivers State University of science and Technology where she earned a B. Sc Business Education Accountancy. We are very delighted to welcome her to the team.

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NIGERIAN CRUDE OIL: Sellers And Buyers Handbook
(AHPE) (Volume 1)
Author : Pro Wilson U. Timothy Onyeani Prof Remigius
Okea Prof Eric Dogini Dr Joshua Jogo
( Paperback )
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AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES is governed by a Board of Directors and committees of the board that meet throughout the year. The board has six standing committees, composed of independent directors:


  • Audit
  • Board Nominating
  • Governance
  • Management Compensation
  • Public Policy and Operation

Directors fulfill their responsibilities through board and committee meetings and also through other communications with management. The board monitors all corporate performance, the integrity of AHPE Corp & it’s GLOBAL RESOURCES’ financial controls, and the effectiveness of its compliance, public policy and social programs, and oversees all management and succession of key executives and AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES strategic and business planning process.

AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES’s BOARD Board committees also oversee AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES risk management policies and practices; the board ensures that appropriate risk management systems are employed throughout the company. In the past three years, the full board has engaged in more than 20 risk-related discussions, presentations and briefings so far.

Environment, Health, Safety, Security & Quality Assurance (EHSSQ) AHPE is committed to sound EHSSQ practices in all aspects of its business to prevent injury and protect all employees and subcontractors from work hazards and occupational diseases in the execution of their responsibilities.

AHPE regards the protection of the environment and promotion of health and safety measures at all levels of its operations as paramount to the way in which it conducts its activities. With the Quality Management Systems we have in place within our operations, accidents, errors, and reworks are greatly reduced, while operational efficiency and effectiveness are enhanced. We also care about the environment and are proud of the many ways in which our employees work to safeguard it. Our persistent efforts to improve on our safe work environment continue to pay off. In 2013, we achieved world-class performance in the days-away-from-work metric for both Upstream and Downstream operations.