Nigerian Light Crude Oil

imgNigeria produces only high-value, low-sulphur content, light crude oils – Antan Blend, Bonny Light, Bonny Medium, Brass Blend, Escravos Light, Forcado Blend, IMA, Odudu Blend, Pennington Light, Qua-Iboe Light and Ukpokiti.

The Nigerian Gas Company, a subsidiary of NNPC, transmits gas to major commercial centers in the country. The Escravos -Lagos pipeline feeds the commercial nerve-center of the nation, as well as fueling the main power station at Egbin, near Lagos.

NNPC, through its subsidiary the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), is directly responsible for four oil and gas fields with a total production of 15,000 bpd. NPDC is committed to expand its production capacity and has thus entered into strategic alliance with Agip Energy to develop the Okhono offshore field.