Accreditation Eligibility

imageTo be eligible for accreditation by AHPEAT:
A Nigerian Business must meet the following requirements:

It has an identified body of individuals actively involved in a prescribed day to day business activities and operations.

Products offered must provide a clearly interactive pathway of execution and verifiable approach appropriate to the transaction matter and expected positive outcomes.

It meets applicable licensing requirements.

It must have a named members of staff designated to specific duties and policies that can be reviewed and kept on file at the AHPEAT office
It must be able to demonstrate continuous quality improvements and standards on-going and successful operation in its operations and staff training for at least two consecutive years immediately prior to application. At minimum, one successful and verifiable transaction with the last year

The term “continuous operation” means that the principal company or business, for which accreditation or reaccreditation is sought, has proceeded as our accreditation calendar /scheduled without interruption.

Exceptions may be recognized after the fact when the interruption is caused by forces of nature, civil disorder, or abrupt and unforeseeable change in law or regulation in Nigeria affecting the company or business.