Liquefied Natural Gas

imgNigeria currently has six trains in operation. Plans for building Train 7 that will lift the total production capacity to over 30 MTPA LNG, are currently at an advanced stage. With the completion of the sixth train, the Nigeria LNG Plant has an overall capacity of some 22 million tons per annum of LNG and 4 million tons per annum of LPG. It requires about 3.5 bcf/d feed gas intake at full production.The LNG Plant is built on 2.27sq. km of largely reclaimed land in Finima, Bonny Island. The main elements of the operational plant are:

  • Dedicated gas transmission pipelines passing through over 110 communities
  • Four LNG storage tanks with a capacity of 84,200 cubic meters each
  • A common fractionation plant to process LPG
  • Three Condensate storage tanks with a capacity of 36,000 cubic meters each
  • Four 65,000 cubic meter LPG refrigerated tanks (for propane & butane)
  • Ten generators with a total capacity of 400 MW
  • Two LNG export jetties
  • One LPG and Condensate export jetty
  • 24 LNG ships dedicated to NLNG service
  • Two materials off-loading jetties
  • A residential area covering