Review Schedule

imageThe following accreditation review schedules have been established for the purpose of projecting and planning the administrative resources necessary for managing the initial and reaccreditation process.

All AHPEAT meeting dates are tentative and subject to modification at the discretion of the Taskforce.

Initial applicants for accreditation cannot submit an SER and will not be scheduled for an on-site evaluation until the application is accepted by the Application Review Taskforce with specific guidance for the scheduling within a given review cycle.

Attendance at such workshops is a mandatory prerequisite to the submission of an SER, and company are strongly advised to register senior staff persons for attendance well in advance of the SER due date in order to harness the intended benefits of the self-review and in preparations for the subsequent site team visit.

The application and SER due dates will be closely adhered to; and, except for minor variations, no extensions will be approved except by written request to and approval by the taskforce leader.

NB: Accreditation Workshops are held at the AHPEAT office and conducted in January thru December in Waukegan Illinois, and all the dates are published on the AHPE website.