Our Business

Over the years, our company has built strategic partnerships with energy companies all over the world. As an industry, we must protect the very source of our business. With that, we seek innovative ways to maximize existing crude oil, gas and other energy sources while also finding new reservoirs that can be prepared for maturity.

The demand for natural gases has never reduced in history so we can only expect the demand to rise through the years. To ensure that our business stays competitive and that our sources can sustain the longevity of our company, American Hope Petroleum & Energy complies with industry regulations in the refining, trading, shipping and organizing of the supply chain for fuel and energy products.

The “AHPE WAY” explains our signature approach to things, what we do and how, what we believe and what we plan to accomplish. It establishes a powerful idea and unique understanding not only for our staff and strategic partners, but for all who interact with us.