For AHPE GLOBAL RESOURCES, good corporate governance means having structures and processes in place to ensure that the company’s decisions and actions are in the best interests of our stockholders.

It also means being transparent and responsive to our stockholders through regular reports and press releases.

Our company’s website is updated within minutes of meetings when discussing governance, financial, environmental, social and policy issues are discussed.

Since 2013, we have worked with several private parastatals proponents regarding Research and Development recommended for inclusion in our future developments. This resulted an agreement to withdraw from a certain non-profitable approach to business. During the 2014 proxy season, we received 10 Government proposals covering a range of topics, including corporate governance, environmental and community improvement plans.

We understand that effective corporate governance is critical to our long-term success. This includes having an independent board where all directors stand for election every year. Since 2013, we have added new directors. Ten of our 16 directors are independent and we also have a lead independent director.